Regulatory Laws

Architectural Laws
1 Republic Act No. 9266 Architecture Act of 2004 click here
2 Republic Act No. 1581 An Act to Amend Section Thirty-Four of Republic Act Numbered Five Hundred Forty-Five, Entitled “An Act to Regulate the Practice of Architecture in the Philippines” click here
3 Republic Act No. 545 An Act to regulate the practice of architecture in the Philippines click here
Allied and Development Laws
1 Republic Act No. 10350 Philippine Interior Design Act of 2012  click here
Republic Act No. 10587 Environmental Planning Act of 2013  click here
Republic Act No. 9053 Philippine Landscape Architecture Act of 2000 click here
Other References
1 Architectural Code of the Philippines as approved by DPWH (December 20, 1999) click here