UAP Policies and Guidelines

The following are the existing policies duly approved by the National Board of Directors from Year 2001-2014. The NBD is the only body empowered by the UAP Bylaws to “promulgate UAP policies, rules and regulations in accordance with these By-Laws to guide the organization in the attainment of its purpose and objectives”.


General Policies

1 Prohibition of UAP Chapter Incorporation click here
2 UAP Protocol, Rites and Rituals click here

Operational Policies

1 Duties and Responsibilities of the National Officers click here
2 Duties and Responsibilities of the Commissions click here
3 Duties and Responsibilities of the Standing Committees click here
4 Duties and Responsibilities of Special Committees as per UAP Bylaws click here
5 Duties and Responsibilities of Special Committees created by UAP National President click here
6 Duties and Responsibilities of the Specialty Councils click here
7 Duties and Responsibilities of the UAP Official Representatives click here
8 Organizational Operations of the Committees   click here

Membership Policies

1 Registration for New Passers (without a Chapter) click here
2 Registration for New Passers (with Chapter) click here
  • Membership Form
click here
3 Registration for Inactive Members Who Want to Activate their Membership Records with UAP click here
 4 Registration for Transfer of Membership to Another Chapter click here
  • Transfer Form
click here
Policy on Twinning Program click here
Policy on Fostering Program click here
  • Form
click here
Member Emeritus click here
  • Revised Policy and Guidelines (FY 2016-2017)
click here
8 Policy on Chapter Organization click here

Administrative Policies

 1 Use of UAP National Headquarters Premises click here
Application for On-site Filming click here
Use of UAP Dormitory - Application Form click here
Request for UAP Documents click here