United Architects of the Philippines is the Integrated and Accredited Professional Organization of Architects

Renewal of Certificate of Accreditation issued last May 10, 2018


A. Prior to the Passage of RA 9266

  1. After the integration of existing three architectural associations (the League of Philippine Architects (LPA), the Association of Philippine Government Architects (APGA), and the Philippine Institute of Architects (PIA) on January 15, 1975, UAP was accredited by the Professional Regulation Commission as the “Accredited Bonafide Professional Organization of Architects in the Philippines” pursuant to the implementing rules and regulations of Presidential Decree No. 223.
  2. Conceived as the vehicle for the unification of architects, UAP was the first professional organization accredited by the PRC (Certificate No. 001).
  3. Against a background of the unfurled banners of the PIA, LPA and APGA, then PRC Commissioner Eric C. Nubla officiated at the ceremonial awarding of PRC Certificate of Accreditation No. 001 to the UAP. He spoke of the imperative of “professional revolution through integration,” and congratulated the founding organizations for their supreme accomplishment.
  4. Simply put, UAP was born out of integration of these three architectural organizations.


B. Two Months Before the Passage of RA 9266

  1. Two months before the passage of Republic Act No. 9266, the Professional Regulation Commission passed and approved PRC Resolution No. 2004-179 dated January 29, 2004 promulgating the “Rules governing the status of the present Accredited Professional Organizations (APOs), accreditation of new/future professional organizations, the renewal of the certificates of accreditation, and their cancellation/suspension”.
  2. Under Rule 2 of the said Resolution, it states that

“After having satisfactorily met the requirements for accreditation, the Commission shall issue a Resolution approving its petition for accreditation and directing the issuance thereto of the Certificate of Accreditation upon payment of the prescribed accreditation fee. However, if there is a provision in the professional regulatory law requiring accreditation or recognition of the national integrated organization of professionals by the professional regulatory board and the Professional Regulation Commission, the concerned professional regulatory board shall issue a Board Resolution subject to the approval by the Commission, approving its petition for accreditation and directing the issuance of a Certificate of Accreditation signed by the Chair and Members of the Board and the Chairperson of the Commission, upon payment of the prescribed accreditation fee.”


C. After the Passage of RA 9266

  1. On May 19, 2004, UAP applied for accreditation as the integrated and accredited professional organization of architects (IAPOA) to the PRC in reference to Section 40, Article IV of RA 9266
  2. Aside from the requirements indicated in the Rules of Accreditation (PRC Resolution No. 2004-178), the UAP also submitted the letter of support dated May 12, 2004 from the following organizations:
    1. Philippine Institute of Architects (PIA) duly signed its National President Arch. Orlando C. Villarin and other officers.
    2. Architecture Advocacy International Foundation, Inc. duly signed by its President Arch. Gerg Timbol II, FUAP and other officers.
    3. Council of Consulting Architects and Planners of the Philippines (CCAPP) duly signed by its President Arch. Geronimo V. Manahan, FUAP and other officers.
  3. Pursuant to the provisions of PRC Resolution No. 2004-179 and Section 40 of RA 9266, the Professional Regulatory Board of Architecture issued PRBoA Resolution No. 3 and duly approved by the Commission dated June 23, 2004, accrediting UAP as the Integrated and Accredited Professional Organization of Architects. The said Resolution was published in the Official Gazette last August 9, 2004.
  4. Further, in recognition of its status as the Integrated and Accredited Professional Organization of Architects, the UAP was legitimately affirmed in the Implementing Rules and Regulations as the IAPOA under Rule V, Section which states that: 

“Pursuant to Board Resolution No. 3, Series of 2004, the United Architects of the Philippines, Inc. is the existing integrated and accredited professional organization of registered architects, duly accredited by the Board subject to approval by the Commission and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a non-profit, non-stock corporation governed by Bylaws providing for a democratic election of its officials”.

Since the passage of RA 9266, the UAP was reaccredited three times by the professional Regulation Commission, in years 2006, 2011 and 2015.


D. The Legal Personality of UAP and its Role as IAPOA

  1. The UAP was incorporated last March 26, 1975 with SEC Registration Number 60782.
  2. Since the passage of RA 9266, the UAP By-laws were amended 3 times (Year 2004, 2005 and 2009) to conform the requirements of RA 9266.
  3. The duties and responsibilities of the UAP and its accomplishments / achievements since the passage of RA 9266.


E. Consistent Application of PRC’s Rules on Accreditation based on the Regulatory Laws of Each Professions

  1. The PRC is consistent in applying its Rules on Accreditation to all Integrated and Accredited Professional Organizations (IAPOs), including the UAP as the IAPOA.
  2. As you may observed in Annex B, the regulatory laws of several professions indicate that “there shall be one (1) integrated and Accredited Professional Organization”. The PRC accredited these existing accredited professional organizations even their integrated or formation were made prior to the passage of their respective regulatory laws.