UIA COVID-19 Information Hub launched

April 29, 2020 | By: UIA

UIA Member Sections & Working Bodies all over the world are providing constructive and innovative guidance to architects working to serve their communities and keep their businesses afloat in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Architects play a key role in countering this pandemic, from improvising emergency healthcare facilities and producing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to developing projects on the front line. In the aftermath of the current crisis, the confinement measures taken by governments raise important questions about spatial and urban configurations, questions to which architects can respond.

The UIA has now launched a COVID-19 Information Hub, compiling information, recommendations, and initiatives from our Member Sections across the UIA’s five world regions. The Hub will ultimately be developed into a research repository for architects on impacts, mitigation measures, and future planning implications, with perspectives from the UIA’s working bodies. 

"From day one, the UIA has been our profession’s international force, propelling architects to work toward a world made better by design. That is what we need today, to help the world fight the deadly pandemic now gripping it, and then to help communities recover and rebuild, applying lessons that will help to avoid future health and environmental catastrophes." Thomas Vonier, UIA President

"The UIA is very interested in how architects are contributing to the exceptional situation we are all currently facing, with major implications on the future of human civilization. Our New UIA COVID–19 Hub is the pool of initiatives, measures, and solutions for global and local problems, providing free inspiration by sharing knowledge. Please become contributor, user, and promoter of the UIA COVID–19 Hub!" Serban Tiganas, UIA Secretary-General

"Now is the time that Architects must reinforce their worth as leaders in the community within the Built Environment. The evolving education, training, and knowledge of Architects in the provision of shelter suited to all human needs and global eventualities make us ideally suited to provide guidance and leadership in the current pandemic, and far into the future. The UIA will take the lead!" Kevin Bingham, COVID-19 International Hub Coordinator

We invite UIA Member Sections & Working Bodies to keep us informed of your work on this matter. If you have something to share, feel free to contact us on uia@uia-architectes.org