UAP Sentro ng Arkitekturang Filipino launches book on Philippine Architecture

December 15, 2020 | By: UAP Keeping You Posted

The Sentro ng Arkitekturang Filipino (Center for Filipino Architecture) recently launched a primer on Filipino architecture named "KROKIS" in conjunction with the celebration of the 2020 National Architecture Week. Authored by a multi-awarded writer and architect, Gerard Lico, Krokis discusses the history and development of architecture in the Philippines, and its varied physical forms and expression in narrative prose and in beautiful aquarelle sketches or croquis.

"Arch. Gerard Lico has put his soul in weaving all these into one simple, direct and concise resource material, not to mention his equally talented hand in drawing effective illustrations that complete its overall look, making it even more enticing to read".

Krokis is a flagship project of the Sentro ng Arkitekturang Filipino, which promotes the Center's mandate to create greater awareness, appreciation, and understanding of Filipino architectural legacies.

The Center is headed by Executive Director, Arch. Lorelei D.C. De Viana, while the he author, an architectural critic and art historian, is currently serving as Deputy Executive Director.

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