UAP National President offers emotional tribute to Arch. Guillermo H. Hisancha

October 26, 2020 | By: UAP Keeping You Posted

Note: This was delivered by UAP National President Arch. Renato A. Heray during the Necrological Services initiated by the UAP College of Fellows.

To the loved ones of Architect Guillermo H. Hisancha distinguished members of the UAP College of Fellows, co-workers in the organization, friends and guests, God is great and good evening.

There is no adequate way to express our sorrow on the death of a fellow co-worker. Architect Guillermo H. Hisancha is one of the illustrious members of the organization and known as the First UAP National President from the Western Visayas region and the second from Area C.  His untimely death has deeply touched us all, especially those of us who knew him well and had the privilege of working with him especially me as his Secretary-General for two years of his presidency.

How do I even start honoring a man so accomplished in his personal and professional life? How do I choose the words to describe him and the life he lived? Even the best words would seem too humbling for someone so great. No amount of words will suffice, no statement or article or eulogy can ever live up to the great man that he was or to the accomplishments of such life well lived.

Much has been posted and said about the many-splendored life of our Past National President, Arch. Guillermo H. Hisancha as an unpretentious leader, assiduous colleague, persuasive speaker, three times councilor, and undefeated vice mayor of the Municipality of Pavia Iloilo, revered National President, dedicated servant, an advocate of unification, and quintessential elder of the organization. Yes, he was all that and more. Nonetheless, I would like to add my humble voice on how I personally knew him up close as his SecGen.

I never aspired to hold any position in the national office and in fact, I declined some invitations to run during the 2016 UAP Annual National Election. But when Arch. Guillermo Hisancha called me up and knowing how persuasive and convincing he was, I joined his team as Secretary-General. We won as a team, and the rest as they say is history.

He came to office with great hopes for UAP and more than hopes for the architecture profession. We initiated numerous laudable projects during his presidency. We initiated reforms and won several accolades and awards.

As he showed what a President should be, he also showed us what a man should be. Sir Guimo carried himself, even in the most powerful office in our organization, with a decency and attention to small kindnesses that also defined a good life. He was a courtly, gentle, and considerate man, never known to slight or embarrass others, even with his famous line…YAH YAH YAH YAH!

He taught me the rudiments of parliamentary rules and, more importantly, the life-defining values of integrity, prudence, and fairness. He led by example, not by words. He was a dedicated husband, a caring father, a faithful friend, and a devoted man of God. He did not smoke, or gamble. He lived almost an ascetic life. Wealth, power, worldly pleasures, titles, and honors did not fascinate him. He lived simply so others may simply live.

Sir Guimo made a huge difference in the lives of so many. And the UAP community counts itself incredibly blessed to have known this extraordinary man. And in holding Sir Guimo close to our hearts, we know we were in good company.

Truly, Sir Guimo had a great mind with a noble heart. He was a statesman in our organization who proudly remained a probinsiyano.

For sure, he will be missed.  His sudden departure leaves a gaping hole in his beloved Pavia where his towering presence had served as a powerful inspiration to his constituents as he previously served them well as their Vice Mayor. On the national stage, his absence will be felt long after his body is laid to rest.

We may have lost one of the UAP’s most humbled National Presidents, but he left an indelible mark not only in this UAP’s history but also in the life of every Filipino architect who has benefitted and will benefit from his life-long work as an epitome of a regional architect.

Now death has done all that death can do. And as Sir Guimo goes his way, we are left with the joyful hope he shared. In his last days, he saw through a glass darkly. Now he sees his Savior face to face.

And we look for that fine day when we will see him again, all weariness was gone, clear of mind, strong and sure and smiling again, and the sorrow of this parting gone forever.

The mortal body of Arch. Guimo Hisancha may have perished, but his legacy and memory will live forever.

To Sir Guimo, yours is a life well-lived. Thank you for your untiring service to our organization. Rest now in peace, and may your memory always be a blessing.

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