UAP holds strategic planning workshop

May 26, 2018 | By: UAP Keeping You Posted

The United Architects of the Philippines conducted its annual corporate planning session at the Learning and Activity Center of the UAP National Headquarters last May 25, 2018.

Incoming Members of the Executive Committee, Incoming Executive Directors and Heads of Standing Special Committees participated in the said activity.

National Executive Vice President-elect Arch. Rey S. Gabitan welcomed the participants to the activity, which he enjoined the participants to focus their attention to the values of work and synergy during the workshop, while Secretary General-elect Arch. Ronnie S. Yumang and National Treasurer-elect Arch. Wilfredo G. Gacutan presented the Administrative and Financial Policy Directions, respectively.

National President-elect Arch. Benjamin K. Panganiban, Jr. delivered his inspirational message and presented his 18-point administrative agenda under the theme Unity, Ability and Continuity of Services, to wit:

  1. HARMONIOUS RELATIONSHIP among the officers and members of the UAP and with the officers and members of the various chapters in the organization in terms of camaraderie, fellowship, and cooperation with regard to national programs and activities of the organization;
  2. HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP with the PRB-Arch and the PRC concerned in terms of cooperation and coordination;
  3. COURTESY VISIT to LGU officials to accredit their chapters as NGOs in their locality.
  4. WORK OUT THE ADOPTION OF R.A 9266 in LOCAL SANGGUNIAN COUNCILS with the aim in view of incorporating ARCHITECTURAL PERMITS be signed by the ARCHITECTS.
  5. WORK OUT COMMON GOALS with other architectural organizations and unify the profession   
  6. QUALITY AND RELEVANCE OF CPD programs administered and implemented by the organization, such as: a. Organization's international exposure; b. leadership/participation and involvement
  7. CONTINUED GROWTH AND ACCELERATED SEQUENCING OF CPDs leading to Specialty Courses and eventual Specializations.
  9. INNOVATIVE PROGRAMS / PROJECTS that will benefit the General welfare of the members.     
  10. ACTIVE PARTICIPATION IN UAP ACTIVITIES and/or UAP-sponsored programs/ activities, such as: a. UAP Social Responsibility Program, b. UAP or ARCHITECT’s Professional Branding, c. UAP Scholarship Program
  11. SIGNIFICANT ACHIEVEMENTS AS A CORPORATE BODY in: a. attaining the objectives of the organizations, b. enhancing the welfare of its members in terms of placement and assistance in the practice of the profession, and c. enhancing the stature / prestige of the profession.
  12. EFFECTIVE DISCHARGE OF THE PROFESSION'S SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY through meaningful participation in socio-civic related activities;
  13. LEADERSHIP AND INITIATIVE IN UNDERTAKING PROGRAMS, PROJECTS, AND ACTIVITIES whether or not related to the profession, as well as improvement and/or contribution to the solution of problems affecting the profession which redound to the benefits of its members and to the community and the country in general;
  14. ENSURE/ MAINTAIN THE FULL DOCUMENTATIONOF ALL ACTIVITIES AND PROGRAMS OF THE ADMINISTRATION . . . SMOOTH TURN-OVER OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES of incumbent to newly-elected national officers of the organization through peaceful and orderly elections;
  15. REGULAR PUBLICATION of national and chapter news bulletin and technical journals;
  16. SUBMISSION OF ANNUAL REPORTS (financial and operations) to PRC and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC);
  17. MAINTENANCE OF UAP National Headquarters

In his message, Architect Panganiban, said that the current plan is structured mostly on the UAP sustaining itself “from excellent to excellent” as “change is indeed coming” and one of the key tasks for the participants is to think of another compelling and inspiring conception so that there is equally strong commitment to and inspiration for the next plan.

He added that there is a need to think beyond the ordinary to be really aspirational; he added that the task is to challenge ourselves and others to reach for what the UAP is really capable of.

He likewise enjoined the participants to focus their attention to the values of work and synergy during the workshop, he said “our plan is only as good as the relationships we have formed with one another, relationships that are built on a solid foundation of trust, communication and empathy.”

He also expressed his desire for the UAP to go far, and in order to do this, for everyone to work together towards service and excellence. He reminded the participants to put premium on synergy and the on the need to consider the UAP’s thrust on interdisciplinary in working together.

In the afternoon, the Commissions, Standing and Special Committees, Area Vice Presidents held their respective caucuses and workshops.

Meanwhile, the planning session of the incoming members of the Execom and Executive Directors was held after the pre-planning session. Initial outputs of the standing and special committees were presented, deliberated and discussed.