UAP Clark releases first issue of "Sulagpo"

September 2, 2017


In conjunction with its first chapter anniversary, UAP Clark Chapter released the first issue of SULAGPO newsletter.

It may be recalled that in late 2015, an unpretentious discussion between Architects Connie Roxas and Paul Maiquez opened the idea of having an autonomous UAP chapter. Initially, the plan was just to prepare and merge Angeles University Foundation’s future architects with an existing chapter in the area, but to regulate population and easier coordination with members, having a separate chapter was conceptualized. The perception became more concrete when it was finalized among main proponents together with Architects Nina Maiquez and LalaineDela Cruz then completion of requirements were put into motion. To encompass a wider area coverage and make the chapter name more dynamic, adaptation of Clark name was suggested by Architect Marjorie De Jesus and wasimmediately agreed upon by members.

February 25, 2016, a small meeting of members further strengthen and hasten the chapter chartering drive. With combined efforts of all members and sponsorship of UAP Angeles Chapter approved by Architect Jordan David, all requirements were completed and submitted to the UAP headquarters for checking and approval. With all hard work and prayers, the team awaits. June 8, 2016, to catch up with the opening of classes and to further extend true community service, the group held it’s first Book Donation Drive at Airforce City Elementary School, Clark Field, Pampanga. More small meetings were organized to prepare and establish the chapter’s road to excellence. June 18, 2016, with the team’s perseverance and by the grace of God, application of UAP Clark Chapter formation was approved. June 24, 2016, UAP Clark Logo was designed by Architect Jun Bautista. Focused on professional growth, community service and productive camaraderie, the new chapter continuously progress. 

According to the incumbent chapter president, Arch. Lalaine P. Dela Cruz, "it is particularly gratifying to be celebrating this anniversary because of the teamwork and dedication the members bring to continue a tradition that was built during its inception. As we look forward to our next coming years of success, UAP Clark remains committed to its service to the professional organization and continue its efforts to provide opportunities for professional development and appreciate the strength in camaraderie spirit among its members".

Read the maiden issue of SULAGPO Newsletter here.


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