Tirescape Playground Project

December 19, 2017 | By: UAP Makati Chapter

Do you have a car, truck, or motorcycle? Have you ever replaced the tires of your vehicle? After you replaced it with something new, what should you do with your old tires? The only thing you can do with that is burn them? No! You have to repurpose them!

Tirescape project aims to provide a healthy environment for the children, for them to help them grow and interact with other children.

The project also aim to help the environment by reducing the waste from used tires. By collecting all disposed or used tires. Recycled tires are perfect for cheap and easy backyard fun. With a little work plus your creativity, you can tweak the material and create a unique playground for the neighborhood and kids.

Here are some of ideas in playground to rescue old tires:

1) Teeter totter
2) Obstacle course
3) Tire ladder
4) Sandbox
5) Tire jungle gym
6) Swing

The event was held in Balete, Batangas headed by the two chapter presidents Ar. Richie Tumambing and Ar. Miko Carandang with his VP Ar. Adrian Toisa. The Hon. Mayor of Balete, Batangas Mr. Wilson Maralit is present in the event together with the vice mayor and other officers in the LGU. UAP NVP Benj Panganiban and Sec. Gen. Rene Heray were also present in the program.

UAP Makati Chapter would like to thank UAP Lipa. Thank you for this project. UAP Makati is proud to be your partner in this endeavor. Thank you also to Davies Paints and ATI for supporting the event.


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