Tips for Architects Working At Home During COVID-19

April 23, 2020 | By: Niall Patrick Walsh

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused an estimated 900 million people around the world to remain at home. Among them are architects and designers who have been asked to work remotely to prevent the virus from spreading through the workplace. For many architects, this is undoubtedly a new territory. However, for ArchDaily, it is not, and we can assure you that it is possible not only to work from home, but to use this time to greatly enhance your skills, knowledge, and development as an architect.

Over recent years, we have had a front-row seat as architects, manufacturers, innovators, and educators have developed new ways of digitally exchanging architectural designs, ideas, and experiences. Now, architects are settling into their new remote working environment, where digital technology will be essential to continue to collaborate among peers and clients. In response, we have created a broad list of tips and resources that can help you find your feet, restore your confidence, and activate your imagination.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a wave of sadness, uncertainty, and disruption, we want to remind you that although we have little control of this situation, we all have full control of our response and our time. We encourage all architects and designers to do what we do best: face the future with optimism and creativity, and adapt to your present circumstance so that when the coronavirus pandemic passes, which it will, we will emerge ready to design a better future.

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