Sweet Green City expresses strong support for the full implementation of architecture law

November 15, 2017 | By: UAP Keeping You Posted

The City of Victorias, known as the Sugarlandia of Negros, and Sweet Green City, is committed to fully implement Republic Act No. 9266 (The Architecture Act of 2004) and its Implementing Rules and Regulations. The City Council passed Resolution No. 251-17 adopting RA 9266 and its IRR.

According to UAP National Executive Vice President Arch. Benjamin K. Panganiban, Jr., "Congratulations are in order. We would like to thank UAP Negrense Chapter members headed by Chapter Presiďent Arch. Rougee Gambito-Lora, Honorable councilors and architects Ted Panizales and Godiven De Dios for seeing the council resolution thru, UAP Negrense Special Committee Arch. Gil V. Juesna, fuap, Chapter Committee on External and Governmental Affairs Vice Chair Arch. Roger Andre T. Aguilar, District Director Ar Ipe Jocson and all others that got involved in this great undertaking."

According to Arch. Rougee Gambito-Lora " in behalf of UAP Negrense Chapter and UAP RDC2, we are happy to inform the UAP National that we, here in District C2 is one with the advocacy of NP Guimo and the whole of UAP in empowering our provincial architects and we will do. This in the service for each and every architect here in the country. Our future aspirants and our elders endeavors to see that we still have the fighting chance and never give UP. UAP Negrense will continue on with our own advocacy, E. C. - Up... To Educate the Professional, Communicate the Profession and Upgrade the Practice"

City of Victorias is notable for its the St. Joseph the Worker Chapel, which was declared as an Important Cultural Property of the Philippinesin December 2015. It is also known for being the site of Victorias Milling Company, the world's largest integrated sugar mill, sitting on a 7,000 hectares (17,000 acres) compound that makes it the Philippine's largest sugar refinery.

It may be noted that the Philippine Councilors League and UAP sealed their partnership though a Memorandum of Agreement as both of the parties espouse a common commitment and objective to promote local economic development (and protect the rights and good welfare of the community including all its inhabitants, developers, and home and building owners, as well as all professionals, especially registered and licensed architects) through the implementation of the laws on architecture as provided for by the Local Government Code and the Republic Act No. 9266 otherwise known as the Architecture Act of 2004.

As the local legislators play a key and powerful role in the enactment of laws and ordinances to promote the common good, social order and economic development of the community, the PCL committed to launch and spearhead an advocacy campaign among all its members for the passage of a resolution enforcing and implementing fully the pertinent provisions of RA 9266 and its implementing rules and regulations.

Copy of the resolution was furnished to UAP Negrese, UAP Bacolod and UAP Mt. Kanlaon Chapters, including the Victorias' City Planning and Development Office and City Engineer's office for information and guidance.

The present administration is arduously working hard lobbying for the full implementation of RA 9266 in all LGUs nationwide.

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