PRC Position on CPD re Senate Inquiry on Complaints against the Implementation of RA 10912

September 1, 2017

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) recently issued a position statement on Continuing Professional Development regarding the Senate Inquiry on Complaints against the Implementation of Republic Act No. 10912 (RA 10912).

In the statement, the PRC maintains the implementation of the schedules except for Professional Regulatory Boards (PRBs) who, after stakeholders’ consultation, have agreed to move its implementation to 2018. Contrary to the claim of some critics and misinterpretations coming from the media, there are no exemptions as to the CPD-unit requirements.

According to PRC, "RA 10912 was enacted `to promote and upgrade the practice of profession in the country ... [and to] ... improve the competence of the professionals in accordance with the international standards of practice, thereby, ensuring their contribution in uplifting the general welfare, economic growth and development of the nation,`
- a purpose that even critics of and complainants against the CPD Act or its implementation dare not question. The importance of the CPD cannot be overemphasized as the practice of the profession is imbued with public interest.

RA 10912 is arguably a giant step—albeit a necessary one—undertaken to enhance the competitiveness of Filipino professionals and to open more opportunities in the national as well as in the international level, especially as the ASEAN economic community integration has already commenced. As expected, a deluge of criticisms and complaints swarmed PRC, the agency tasked to implement RA 10912. Recently, the PRC and the CPD program have been relentlessly taking a beating on social media not only through negative comments but also through online petitions and in various news outlets.

Click here for the PRC position.