NEVP Panganiban speaks at local legislators’ confab in Davao

September 18, 2017 | By: UAP Keeping You Posted

UAP National Executive Vice President Arch. Benjamin K. Panganiban, Jr. was invited by the Philippine Councilors League to talk on the role of architecture profession for livable communities during the 3rd Quarterly National Executive Officers-National Board Meeting and Continuing Local Legislative Education Program. The event was held last September 18-20, 2017 at SMX Convention Center, SM Lanang, Davao City.

Architect Panganiban underscored that ARCHITECTS are uniquely suited to advocate for more livable communities as they are trained to solve problems, make ideas visible, and synthesize fragmented parts into a coherent whole, all within the context of the built environment.

"In fact, many civic issues call for an architect’s talents and viewpoint, including reviews of development projects, historic preservation, land use and zoning, and other topics dealing with community development" Architect Panganiban stressed.

"Architecture profoundly affects people. The work of architects is essential to human well being, and architects must embrace their ethical obligation to uphold this public trust. As members of their communities, architects are professionally obligated to use their knowledge, skill, and for responsible design that results in beautiful and healthy places that respect and accommodate society’s diverse cultures and needs. The architect’s role in creating livable communities involves taking into consideration issues of urban design, housing, historic preservation, comprehensive energy, the environment, and health.", said Architect Panganiban.

Architect Panganiban expressed gratitude to the PCL for the Memorandum of Agreement entered into with UAP last June 30, 2017, highlighting the role of architects in public safety and welfare which deals with accessibility, sustainability, fire and safety standards, and livability wherein this must be taken into consideration by the local government unit in architectural planning and design to assure the construction of safe and sustainable buildings and communities.

NEVP Panganiban who hails from Davao said that the support of the LGUs to the UAP underscores the crucial role of architects in the urban renewal, greening of land, appropriate planning of marine and foreshore areas, aesthetics and the maximum utilization of the land and water within the jurisdiction of the local government unit, compatible with environmental integrity and ecology balance.

Under the said Memorandum of Agreement, the PCL and the UAP espouse a common commitment and objective to promote local economic development (and protect the rights and good welfare of the community including all its inhabitants, developers, and home and building owners, as well as all professionals, especially registered and licensed architects) through the implementation of the laws on architecture as provided for by the Local Government Code and the Architecture Law. 

The Philippine Councilors League is the nationwide association of the 16,000-strong city and municipal councilors and the 3rd Quarterly National Executive Officers-National Board (NEAO-NB) meeting and 2nd Series of Continuing Local Legislative Education Program (CLLEP) was attended by more than 3,000 councilors nationwide who participated in several lectures on drafting investment incentives code and tourism code, establishing economic zones and the Public Private Partnership.

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