NATCON 44 : Official Registration Guidelines (First Round)

January 17, 2018

Guidelines issued by the Natcon 44 Organizing Committee through its Natcon Director, Arch. Florencio T. Sebastian, III.

1. As much as the Organizing Committee (OrCom) would like to accommodate more delegates, for reasons of utmost safety, reasonable comfort, and manageable security within the convention premises, only 3000 delegates may be registered and admitted. So please follow the instructions carefully to ensure that the registration process goes smoothly.

2. The Convention Fees are as follows:

a. PhP 6,000.00: Districts A2-A5, B1-B4
b. PhP 5,500.00: Districts A1, B5, Areas C, D and Foreign-based Chapters

There are no early-bird rates. There will be no on-site registration.

3. Only members who have settled their accounts with the UAP Membership, meaning, those who have updated annual dues without arrears, are qualified to participate in any activity of the United Architects of the Philippines, which includes the 44th UAP National Convention. The chapter allotment tables attached to these guidelines are based on records provided by the UAP Membership Division.

4. There will be two rounds of registration:

a. The first round will be through District Directors and Chapter Presidents for one full month (January 15th to February 16th, 2018). In the spirit of equal representation, the delegation will be distributed based on numbers.
b. The second round, those remaining available slots which have been returned or revoked, will be re-offered from March 5 to 9, 2018 through online registration. This will now be free-for-all, first-come-first-served, and no-dibs.

5. From the table, the column “M.I.G.S” is the total number of members in good standing based on updated UAP records. The column “National %” shows the number of members in a chapter divided by the national total.

The column on “Chapter Delegates” is the pro-rated allotment for each chapter which includes both officers and regular members. This is the maximum number of chapter delegates at least for the first round of registration.

The OrCom has decided to maintain a minimum chapter representation of 5 delegates. Therefore, any chapter which resulted with fewer than 5 delegates will be given the remainder, as shown on the “Courtesy Slots” column.

6. Chapter presidents are urged to seek out and prioritize their members who are in most need of CPD points for their PRC ID renewal. As long as the chapter is represented by its president or any authorized representative for the Chapter Presidents’ Assembly and the General Assembly and Business Meeting during the National Convention, the chapter president can distribute the remaining slots to his chapter members.

District Directors are requested to continually follow up with the Chapter Presidents so that delays can be avoided.

7. No chapter is required to fill up their allotted slots entirely. There are still those from other chapters or districts who would need it more. Any unfilled slots by the time of the first deadline, or if payments have not been made by the deadline given, will be revoked and turned over to the second round of registration.

8. Delegation slots are NON-TRANSFERABLE:

a. Delegation slots allotted to a chapter is intended for that chapter alone. Those slots may not be re-appropriated to another chapter, even from within the same district.

b. Once a name has been submitted, considering that the requirements are complete, that corresponding person is considered a delegate. No other name/person will be recognized in his stead.

9. The second round of registration, to reiterate, will be on a “free-for-all,”, “firstcome- first-served”, and “no-dibs” basis. This will be done online and with proper announcements before it is opened to the general membership. The tentative period is from February 26th to March 2nd, 2018.

10. All payments will be made through our official account:

Account Name: 44th UAP Natcon
Bank Branch: BDO Timog Victoria Towers Branch
Account Number: 00256-0205-110

11. Payments may also be made at the UAP National Headquarters through its Finance Officer, Ms. Alma Valencia. In the same manner, registration is made through the chapter by the chapter president or his official representative only. No registration for individuals will be entertained.

12. Once payment has been made:

a. Complete the following details on a full sheet of paper: Chapter Name, Chapter President’s Name, List of Chapter’s Convention Delegates, and a scanned image of the Deposit Slip. The total number of delegates should match the amount payed/deposited.

b. Transmit the file (in .pdf) to .

13. You will receive an acknowledgment of your transmission. All submissions will still be subject to verification before you can receive a formal confirmation along with the Official Receipt. Only payments made within the prescribed deadlines will be honoured.

14. Refunds will be accommodated only after the Convention proper. A charge of 10% of the fee will be used to facilitate the processing of the refund. Any late submissions and payments made by the chapter will not be recognized and the allotted slots will be turned over to the second round of registration.


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