Dos and don`ts for an Instagrammable home

February 23, 2021 | By: Aaron Ronquillo, The Manila Times

WE have all heard the sayings, “home is where the heart is,” “there is no place like home,” and the classic “home sweet home.” As such, it falls upon the homeowner to make the home look good and spark joy. Whether it is a room renovation or simply putting on decorations, you would like to make your home a little more comfortable, and it helps when there is a plethora of home inspiration photos on the internet.

While we might become too focused on making our abode attractive, this should be secondary next to safety, which is far more important.

Here are some dos and don’ts to help you turn every corner of your home into something worthy to put on Instagram, without sacrificing safety:


Amid the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic, health and safety has become a primary concern. Health protocols dictate that every place must have a sanitation area at entrances. In homes, sanitation stations can look minimalist with just a bottle of alcohol, but a well-planned setup can look just as pleasing if done right and is definitely a lot safer for your home.

Establish a flow to create a space that makes sense. Start with a foot bath to clean shoe soles, followed by disinfectants to sanitize your hands and other items. Have a nearby hamper to leave dirty clothes in and a trash bin to dispose face masks. Finally, keep a clear path to the bathroom so you can immediately wash off remnants of the outside.

Living room, home office, and bedroom

Probably the most decorated areas of the house, these rooms should be given more attention when it comes to safety since these are the mostly frequented spots.

Keep floors clear of cables, toys, and other clutter that you or others might trip on. If you’re aboard the plantita/plantito train, know what houseplants to keep and avoid the poisonous ones, which could harm kids and pets. Also, never overload extension cords and always unplug appliances and devices when not in use. Not only will this keep you safe from electrical hazards, but it will help you achieve a clean look in your rooms, too!


Bathroom items can range from bath essentials to cleaning tools to blow dryers. It might be tempting to just stash them all in one place — the cabinet, but proper storage can keep this private space safe while looking good.

Ensure safety such as keeping your caddy within easy reach of the shower. Meanwhile, keep chemical cleaners away from children’s reach and in a container with a lid. You can keep that fancy rug by the door, but stick non-slip bath grips underneath to keep it steady. Most importantly, place a good distance between your electrical devices and water sources.


For those working from home, it is likely they will probably be doing more home-cooking than ever. Maintaining an organized and attractive kitchen can be a challenge. All it takes is a smart layout, lots of storage space, and the right tools.

Arrange appliances in a way that reduces movement since it entails handling hot, sharp, or fragile implements. The typical kitchen flow is refrigerator, counter for preparing food, then the stove. Keep seldom-used appliances in cabinets to declutter the countertop and bring them out only when needed. Lastly, keep your kitchen intact and beautiful by choosing only safe and trusted kitchen fuel like Solane LPG. It is highly advisable to use only original brands and never use illegally filled ones.

These small things could spell the difference between staying safe and having a disaster, so while you don’t need to let go of aesthetic, make sure you think of safety first when enhancing every corner of your home.