8 December 2020

National Architecture Week: The N(e)aw normal - shifting norms in the practice of architecture

THE second week of December has always been dedicated to the celebration of National Architecture We...

4 December 2020

NAW 2020 Program

For the program of the National Architecture Week 2020 celebration, click here

1 December 2020

Sustainability to be new standard for design - Saldana

SUSTAINABILITY should be the new standard and environment should be the priority in design, PDP Arch...

1 December 2020

Is the proposed Philippine Building Act a bane or a boon?

SOMETIME in 2015, then chairman of the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) Dr. Florentino Dobl...

25 November 2020

UAP wins third consecutive PCAAE's ANG SUSI Award

The entry of The United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) named as "Bayanihan: COVID 19 Labanan ha...

24 November 2020

Gender-Responsive buildings: Toward a better urban future

DECADES ago, the field of construction and design in the Philippines was dominated by men. Gender in...

20 November 2020

Manila`s new breed of luxury architecture

Manila architecture has come a long way from the humble bahay kubo. As a country known for its year...

19 November 2020

UAP issues position paper on the proposed Philippine Building Act

This position paper pertains to the various PBA bills filed in the House of Representatives and the...

17 November 2020

Optimizing your home workspace for maximum productivity

THE coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic has taught me to find ways to avoid excessive offic...

15 November 2020

Council wants architecture in Baguio City fixed

AN ORDINANCE setting into place architecture in Baguio City is being pushed. Councilor Mylen Yarano...