Membership Type

Membership with the UAP is classified into the following:


  1. Charter Member. The members of the three organizations of architects which were integrated as the UAP are considered as charter members if they registered with the UAP on or before December 31, 1975.

  2. Regular Member. Regular members of the UAP are those who became members of the UAP pursuant to Section 1 and 2 of Article II of the 2009 UAP By-laws.

  3. Member Emeritus. A Member Emeritus is a regular member who has been in good standing with the UAP continuously for at least thirty-five (35) years with a record of loyalty and remarkable service to the organization.

  4. Senior Member. Any member of the UAP who shall, by reason of disability, be unable to engage in the practice of architecture, and would like to join the activities and functions of the organization, may be considered as Senior Member, subject to the approval of the National Board of Directors and the provisions of these By-laws.

  5. Fellow Member of the College of Fellows. Regular members to qualify for nomination to Fellowship must have been in good standing with the UAP continuously for at least ten (10) years at the time of his nomination and must have rendered notable contribution to the advancement of the architectural profession be it in design, education, literature, public service, and exceptional service to UAP. Payment of arrears to comply with the 10-year requirement will not qualify any nominee.

  6. Honorary Member of the College of Fellows. Honorary Membership in the College of Fellows may be conferred upon any foreign architect in the country in which they are licensed and registered with high and reputable character who, having exceptionally contributed to the advancement of the architectural profession.