Frequently-Asked Questions

UAP is the integrated and accredited professional organization of architects duly recognized by the Professional Regulation Commission.

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The UAP has following objectives which are reflected in its Article of Incorporation and Bylaws.

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All registered and licensed architects whose names appear in the Registry of Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) are automatically members of the UAP and shall continue to be one except in the following:

a. Those who are deceased; and;

b. Those members whose membership was terminated pursuant to the provisions of the2009 UAP By-laws

Unless he has already previously registered with UAP, every registered and licensed architect heretofore admitted by the PRC shall register with the UAP without delay.

Every member of UAP shall be entitled to a Certificate of Membership upon verification of his qualifications by the UAP and upon payment of the required dues prescribed in these By-laws.

To register, visit us at UAP National Headquarters and look for the Membership Staff. You may likewise register with your preferred Chapter.