Elevation to Fellow

The College of Fellows is an institution within UAP which is composed of all Regular Members who have been elevated to “Fellow” for having rendered notable and outstanding contributions to the Architecture profession, community and society as well as exceptional service to UAP. It shall primarily serve as a consultative group to the National Board. It shall reflect the epitome of the highest ideals of the profession and humanity.

To qualify for elevation to “Fellow”, a Corporate Member must meet the following qualifications:

  • UAP Membership in good standing continuously for at least ten (10) years immediately previous to the time of nomination;
  • Notable contributions to the advancement of the profession of architecture in any of the fields: Design, Construction, Management and Technology, Education or Public Service; in addition to Exceptional Service to UAP; and
  • Submission of proper documents evidencing such achievements, services, and contributions to the advancement of the profession for evaluation of the Jury of Fellows (hereinafter referred to as Jury);
  • No incumbent member of the National Board may nominate or be nominated as Fellow during his/her term.


Nomination for Elevation as Fellow shall be made through a written petition by a Chapter in good standing, where a nominee belongs, supported by a Board Resolution approved by the Chapter or by at least thirty (30) Regular Members in good standing signing as nominators.

The nomination papers shall be submitted to the Jury who shall, in behalf of the National Board screens, examines, and evaluates the credentials of the nominee/s and shall cast votes in secret ballot. The results of evaluation and the list of successful nominees shall be endorsed by the Jury to the National Board through the Secretary General within one (1) month from the time the Jury receives the nomination and shall not be later than thirty (30) days before the National Convention.

The National Board shall favorably act on the Jury’s recommendations and confirm the elevation of the successful nominees unless new information that is adverse to the nominee/s is received after transmittal of the list to the National Board. Information on why the nominee/s cannot be elevated is given back to the Jury for appropriate re-evaluation which should be done within fifteen (15) days upon receipt of the new information immediately thereafter, a new recommendation should be endorsed to the National Board.


For more information, you may call the Office of the College of Fellows at