Instructional Guidelines and Procedures

The following are the steps to:

Types of CPD Providers:

  1. Local Single Proprietorship (Must be licensed and registered professional)
  2. Local Corporation of commercial education and training providers
  3. Foreign Corporation of commercial education and training providers
  4. Architectural / Construction / Consulting Firm
    • Must have at least 25 RLAs in the firm
    • Article of Incorporation must include training and development of professionals
    • Maximum of 2 firms may combine, with the bigger firm as the main provider.
  5. Professional and Building Industry organizations (including chapters and affiliates)
  6. Advocacy Groups or learning networks (CSO, Heritage Society, GreenAP)
  7. Architects Alumni Association
  8. Academic or Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
  9. Government Agencies
  10. Non-government organization (NGOs)
  11. Suppliers / Manufacturers / Contractors of the building industry
  12. APOs of other countries with CPD training program


Application Process:

  1. Apply by downloading the form ‘Application for Accreditation as a CPD Provider’ at the UAP website or PRC website
  2. Fill-out the Application Form and follow the prescribed procedures.
  3. Prepare the required supporting documents listed in the checklist.
  4. Pay the prescribed fee and submit the Application Form with the required supporting documents at the main or regional PRC office.
  5. Allow 30 days for the application to be processed by PRC and approved by CPDC.
  6. Become intimately knowledgeable of all the requirements, steps, procedures, and rules surrounding the CPD Program.


Applying as a Single Proprietorship: 

  1. A registered and licensed professional of good standing
  2. Non-conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude
  3. Registered with the Department of Trade and Industry and the Bureau of Internal Revenue, and
  4. Such other requirements and conditions as the CPD Council may reasonably require.


Applying as a Local Corporation:

  1. A duly registered partnership, corporation, institution or organization
  2. The Articles of Incorporation/Partnership shall include as one of its purposes the training and development of professionals; or in the case of commercial or industrial enterprises, provides for the training and development of its own professional
  3. Duly registered with the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Securities and Exchange Commission and/or other pertinent government bodies, and
  4. Such other requirements and conditions as the CPD Council may reasonably require.


Applying as a Foreign Corporation:            

  1. A duly registered entity, firm or association in the country/state of the applicant that has proven that it has existing capability and sustainability to provide CPD program/s through in-house training and development of professionals; and
  2. Such other requirements and conditions as the CPD Council may reasonably require.


  1. Be at least 1 hour of actual learning.
  2. Must have clear and stated learning objectives.
  3. The learning activity should be structured and organized.
  4. There should be an identifiable and qualified speaker or presenter in the subject matter.
  5. Has to impart professional knowledge.
  6. Cannot contain recruitment, sales, or product marketing.

    Sample Program Syllabus, click here   


TYPE OF PROGRAMS - that can be accredited by CPDC as CPD Programs

  1. Conferences and Conventions
    • The different activities, training, talks or programs within a conference or convention may be individually applied, approved and assigned provisional credit units.
    • Participants in major conference or convention earn 1 credit unit per day on top of the accredited programs participated by attendees within the event. Organization Committee members for these major events receive 2 credit units per day.
    • Some activities may not have designated credit units but organizer might want to include them as part of the overall program (e.g. Welcome Dinner and Fellowship Night).
    • For multiple or simultaneous programs, PRC may send an Audit Team (several Monitors).
  2. Lectures / Seminars by qualified speaker
  3. Workshops / Training / Tutorial Modules
  4. Study tours and visits with qualified speaker/guide (e.g. Heritage Tours)
  5. Technical Presentation by Suppliers and Manufacturers
    • Must be a general technical information seminar or training workshop.
    • Does not market a company’s products or services except outside the time allotted to the approved learning program.
  6. Company in-house training
    • Company has at least 25 registered and licensed architects. The RLA listing with a copy of their PRC valid PIC must be submitted.
    • Company has to apply as accredited CPD Provider with CPDC.
    • Maximum of 2 firms may combine, with the bigger firm as main provider. Once combined, there must be at least 25 RLA.
  7. On-line Seminar / Computer based training (see On-line section for further details)
    • Entire on-line training program should be submitted to CPDC for accreditation.
    • Once approved, program is good for one year, renewable for another year if applied by the CPD Provider.
    • Must include an assessment test at the end of the on-line seminar.



  1. Application for CPD Program will only be evaluated after an application as CPD Provider is approved by CPDC.
  2. Accomplish an application form for accreditation of a CPD Program and submit the required documents to CPDC. Download the form ‘CPD Form No. 02’.
  3. To assure approval of CPD Program, the CPD Provider must ensure its program meets the criteria set forth under Program Criteria.
  4. The CPDC shall determine the number of credit unit (CU) to be awarded on the program.
  5. The number of CU awarded will depend on the contact hours and content of the program which shall be evaluated by the CPDC. Usually a one (1) hour long seminar is equivalent to one (1) CU but not necessary.
  6. In the event that a member of the CPDC is also a member of the CPD Provider, that member cannot be part of the deliberation for CPD Program accreditation.
  7. An accredited CPD Program has a one (1) year validity period.
  8. Each program or activity is considered as new application. Retrospective accreditation is strictly not admissible.
  9. Each accredited CPD Program, whether new or repeat program, is assigned a unique accreditation number signifying the date, venue, content, and speaker of the program.
  10. Change of any of the following: number of days, length of time, program content or topic, speaker and alternates will entail a re-application of the entire program with CPDC and pay the prescribed fees again with PRC. Once approved, the revised activity will be assigned a new accreditation number.
  11. Allow 45 days for your program to be evaluated, processed and approved by CPDC.


REQUIRED PROGRAM DETAILS – for accreditation of a CPD Program

  1. Program/Course Title
    • 1 phrase title that efficiently and clearly describes program and its purpose.
    • Cannot use vague terms.
  2. Synopsis/Summary
    • 1 paragraph description or overview of the program, its content, and the learning objectives.
    • Minimum 150 words until maximum 250 words.
  3. Course Outline
    • Outline of the course’s sub-topics.
  4. Learning Outcome / Specific Course Objectives
    • State what participants will learn or gain from the event.
  5. Course Structure/Materials
    • Type of presentation and materials used.
  6. Program of Activities
    • Date, time/duration, place, venue (mention all dates and venues if more than one time)
    • Length of the program in hours or days.
    • Minimum 1 hour.
  7. Speaker Profile
    • CV of lecturers and alternates and their qualifications.
    • Alternates are recommended in case of change of speaker without the need for re-application of the approved program.
  8. Participants
    • Expected number of participants including maximum slots.
  9. Breakdown of expenses
    • Anticipated expenses for the conduct of the program/event.
  10. Program URL
    • Website of the program.

Rules Governing the Marketing of Approved CPD Programs

  • The CPD Provider may start marketing their CPD Program only after approval and awarding of corresponding Provisional Credit Units and assigning Program Accreditation Number by the CPDC. They are NOT ALLOWED to market non-approved programs in whatever marketing materials.
  • If this is a repeat program, make sure the CPD Provider re-apply again and goes through the same process similar to a new program. This is to assure that a new and unique CPD Program accreditation number is assigned to the repeat program.
  • When marketing, the CPD Provider must provide the same information to the participants as what was submitted to CPDC when applying for the program. This shall include, but not limited to, the following:
    • the speaker profile
    • program title, summary, course outline
    • the purpose and learning objectives
    • the approved provisional CU
    • date, time, venue, and fees
  • Event information shall be forwarded to the CPDC so that the program may be added to the CPDC Calendar of Events on the UAP website prior to the event.
  • It is the duty of the CPD Provider to ensure that the Accredited Program is posted in the UAP website CPD Calendar of Events. Programs not included in the Calendar of Events may NOT be considered valid.
  • The time, date and venue shall be used by CPDC to schedule personnel to monitor the event. Any changes on these 3 items will seriously affect the availability of the Monitor(s). In the event of change of time, date and venue for an Accredited Program, the CPD Provider may request IN WRITING, citing justifiable reasons, to the Chairman of CPDC for approval provided the request is done at least 21 calendar days from the approved program date. Any request of change will NOT be entertained if the request is less than 21 days. CPD Providers or its affiliates (e.g. Chapters) with records of constantly changing the time, date and venue will not be renewed and may be permanently removed from the roster of CPD Providers for Architecture.
  • Violations of the rules above may incur penalties and sanctions such as cancellation of approved programs and for repeat offenders, revocation, black listing or non-renewal as CPD Provider for Architecture.


  • To maintain proper scheduling of a Monitor or Audit Team, it is absolutely necessary that details of the exact venue, time and date is stated on the application form for accreditation of a CPD Program. The application will not be processed by CPDC without these essential information. Failure to inform CPDC in writing of any changes (at least 21 days prior to approved date) may result in the cancellation of credit units awarded on the CPD Program. Be aware that regular changing of these items in their approved programs will result in the removal of their status as CPD Provider for Architecture.
  • The Monitor will inspect and observe, take photos, mark the attendance sheet and program time, evaluate performance and make report on the proceedings.
  • The Monitor shall be allowed entry free of charge upon presentation of a certification or authorization letter issued by PRC or CPDC. The CPD Provider shall sign at the space provided in the certificate as proof of appearance of the Monitor.
  • The Monitor shall be allowed to move freely, choose where to seat and inspect the CPD Provider and participants during the program when needed.


ATTENDANCE SHEET (AS) – (in the absence of e-ID, machine and software program)

  1. All participants shall present their PRC Professional Identification Card (PIC) upon entry. The CPD Provider shall check whether the person attending is the same as the one presenting the PIC card.
  2. The CPD Provider shall fill up the ATTENDANCE SHEET, including the name, PRC number and expiry date of the participant. The participant will ONLY need to sign on the AS.
  3. AS shall include the arrival time of the participant, if possible.
  4. Architect attendees will have to attain at least 75% of attendance in order to qualify for the CPD points.  For an example, any participant who arrives 15 minutes late for a 60 minutes program shall be deemed not present and shall not earned credit unit. For a 4 hour program, maximum allowable for latecomers is 1 hour, and so on. The Monitor shall cross sign the bottom of the AS to indicate closure and any entry after the Monitor’s signature shall not be accepted for attendance.
  5. If multiple activities in the same day or period, the participant shall be present at least 75% of the time allocated in the individual activity to gain credit unit(s). A corresponding pro-rata credit unit shall be allotted for less than 100% attendance per activity or program.
  6. No participant shall be allowed to leave the venue until the seminar proper or subject content activity is over.
  7. No participant is allowed to talk to other participants while the activity is on-going.
  8. AS must be submitted to CPDC within 15 days after the event. The Monitor shall be given a copy of the AS on event day to be submitted together with the Monitor Report.



  1. The CPD Provider is required to take photos of the program which shall include the following:
    • A photo of the speaker on the day of activity.
    • A photo of the venue showing the reception, the room and the equipment used.
    • Group photo of the organizers present.
    • Group photo of all attendees.
  2. These photos and the corresponding report shall be submitted to CPDC as part of the Audit System within 15 days after the event.
  3. The Monitor shall be allowed to take photos or videos of the event as part of the Audit Report and shall submit to CPDC within 15 days after the event.



  1. The program duration shall not include the introduction of speaker, opening and closing remarks of the organizers, open forum, prayers, ceremonies and any segment not relevant to the main learning activity of the speaker/program.
  2. The seminar or activity proper shall be at least one (1) hour (60 minutes) in length.
  3. The Monitor shall record the start and end time of the program or activity proper.
  4. The Monitor may recommend to CPDC for additional credit units if the Monitor finds the discussion during the open forum as substantially informative to the participants. Monitor shall substantiate this recommendation for it to be considered by the CPDC.



  1. The CPD Provider shall distribute a Feedback Form to the participants for comments which shall include their appraisal of the speaker and the quality of information they learned.
  2. A Summary Report of these Feedback Forms shall be submitted to the CPDC. The CPD Provider shall furnished to the CPDC the complete set of Feedback Forms ONLY when required by the CPDC for further assessment and evaluation.
  1. The Monitor shall submit within 15 days to CPDC the following:
    • Monitor Report (CPD Form No. 4); include observations and recommendations.
    • Copy of Attendance Sheet
    • Event photos/video
  2. The CPD Provider shall submit within 30 days to CPDC the following:
  3. CPDC shall furnish to the CPD Provider within 30 days upon receipt thereof from Monitor the following:
    • a copy of the Monitor’s Report
  4. CPDC shall determine and assess within 30 days after the submission of reports the following:
    • the Final Credit Units
    • the Final list of RLA Attendees
  5. The Final Credit Units shall be posted thereafter in the UAP website.
  6. All forms can be downloaded from the UAP or PRC website.
  1. Good evaluation of a CPD Program entitles the CPD Provider to repeat the program within the one (1) year validity period. However, this is not automatic as the CPD Provider shall apply again for program accreditation with PRC. The advantage of a repeated program with good evaluation is the short time to get approval from the CPDC. Also, the longer the program is included in the UAP website CPD Calendar of Events the better for the program for maximum exposure.
  2. Repeated Program will be assigned a unique CPD Program Accreditation Number each time. This accreditation number is tied to the date, venue, content and speaker of the program.
  3. Programs not included in the Calendar of Events may NOT be considered valid. It is the responsibility of the CPD Provider to check that this requirement is followed.
  4. The CPDC shall inform the CPD Provider if the provisional CUs shall be retained or changed based on the Monitor or audit report. CPD Provider shall use the provisional CUs awarded when marketing repeated program.
  5. The CPD Provider shall repeat STEP 3 to STEP 5.
  1. Accredited CPD Providers can apply for their online course to be accredited, and thus the CPD Council for Architecture can grant/award them Credit Units for them to market their program.
  2. CPD Programs can only be accredited as an online course if they are in video format. Podcasts (audio only), written articles, and other online formats can be applied under Self-Directed Learning by the Professional.
  3. Video and audio quality should be both clear and audible.
  4. The delivery platform should have sufficient bandwidth to be able to service all users trying to access the video simultaneously.
  5. All users should undergo an examination to determine whether the professional has actually viewed all videos and understood the learning objectives. The exam must be at least 5 questions long for every credit unit. The passing grade is 70%. The examination can be repeatable. Checking of the exam is conducted by the CPD Provider. Passing the exam is a prerequisite before issuing certificates.
  6. Evaluation forms should still be given so that all users have the opportunity to give feedback.


2 Types of Online Learning:

  1. Webinar – courses that are broadcasted live over the internet, usually with the use of a webcam.
    1. It can only be viewed while the seminar is being conducted and therefore has a fixed schedule.
    2. Accreditation process is identical to an in-person seminar, with preliminary credit units awarded upon accreditation and final credit units awarded post- program.
    3. Monitors, post-program assessment, and attendance sheets are submitted after conducting the webinar. Access should be granted to the CPD Council for their assigned monitor.
  2. Video-on- demand – courses that are filmed on record then uploaded for consumption after the fact. This online learning is the preference of the CPDC as the quality and substance of the content can be viewed before uploading.
    1. It can be viewed any time and several times.
    2. The online course should be a finished product when applying for accreditation, and all assessment is finalized upon accreditation. Credit units awarded are final.
    3. An access link to the finished online course should be given along with all the other required documents when applying for accreditation. The Council’s access to the course should not expire as long as the course is continued to be offered online.
    4. No changes can be made to the course after accreditation, thus post-program monitoring and assessment is no longer required.
    5. Accreditation is valid for 12 months and can be sold and marketed every day during this period. An extension will require re-accreditation.
    6. List of participants should be updated and forwarded to the CPDC every 30 days.



A. Procedures in enrolling and attending a Pre-Approved CPD Program

  1. Check CPD Calendar of Events in the UAP website.
  2. Choose the date or program you are interested in.
  3. Click on the calendar box to find the details and the website of the program, if any.
  4. Once a program is selected, follow the instructions on the program website and enroll.
  5. On events day, be on time. Latecomers may not earned credit units even if listed on the enrollment form or Attendance Sheet.
  6. You will not be allowed to leave the venue nor talk with other participants until the program is completed.
  7. Final credit unit and list of attendees on the program will be released on the UAP website after 60 days.


B. Participating RLA’s should do and check the following on Program Event Day:

  1. Get Official Receipt from the CPD Provider.
  2. Make sure that your name and PRC registration number is on the Attendance Sheet.
  3. Manually sign the Attendance Sheet.
  4. Get and keep Program, kit, ID, Official Receipt and other seminar collaterals, if any. This can be used as proof if there will be problems with your attendance sheet.
  5. Fill up the Feedback/Comment Form. Again, this can be used as proof that you are present in the activities.
  6. Ask for a Certificate of Participation and make sure the following are printed on it:
    • Your name
    • Your PRC registration number
    • CPD Provider accreditation number
    • CPD Program accreditation number



  1. When applying for renewal of PIC, applicants should apply at least the following minimum days before expiration date of PIC:
    1. 30 days – if all credit units are all Pre-Approved Programs
    2. 60 days – if some or all credit units are Self-Directed Programs (Applicant will need to pay a fee per application with PRC. Keep in mind that the fee is per application.  It is recommended therefore to apply as many self-directed programs in one application.)

(Check Operational Guidelines for Architecture for maximum allowable credit units for self-directed activities and exceptions)

  1. RLAs should fill up the CPD Record Form(s).

Fill up separately the Pre-Approved Program Form

And / or Self-Directed Program Form

  1. Attached all necessary documents and evidence as required.
    1. For Pre-Approved Program: attached copies of the Certificate of Participation.
    2. For Self-Directed Program: check the Matrix of CPD Activities and supply the documents as indicated. Incomplete documents will not be assessed.
  1. Total required credit units for one cycle (3 years) is 45 points except during the transitory period. Allow at least 30% more if you are applying under the Self-Directed Program as your proposed number of credit units may not be approved by the CPDC.




For those listed in Section 4, Items 3.10 to 3.13 of Operational Guidelines for Architects, the maximum creditable units for self-directed and/or lifelong learning in ONE (1) compliance period is 10 CUs,

Check Matrix of Activities – list down the activities where the maximum creditable units for self-directed is applicable.

For those renewing their PIC license in 2017 without sufficient credit units but with justifiable grounds, you may want to check PRC Memorandum Circular #7