Vision and Mission

UAP, the voice of the profession of architecture, inspires and supports its members as leaders to improve and sustain the quality of the built environment. In order to promote the value of the profession and provide resources and education for members, the following Vision, Mission and Objectives have been adopted: 



UAP believes that an important purpose of architecture is to create a vision that improves the built environment. This vision is vital to the advancement of the living standards of our communities and provides a service of ever-increasing value to society. Hence, the vision is:


UAP the prime organization of Architects





In order for the UAP to unite the registered and licensed architects in the Philippines, promote the aesthetic, scientific and business practice of architecture; advance architectural standards of continuing education, training and practice; and build relationships among clients, the construction industry and architects, the following mission is adopted:

The UAP as the Integrated and Accredited Professional Organization of Architects, is the vanguard of the Architecture profession in the country which shall serve as the catalyst of dynamism and unity among Filipino Architects, promoting the highest ethical conduct, discipline, responsibility and values beneficial to man and society, culture and the environment in the delivery of its professional mandate for local and global practice.