National Secretariat

The UAP National Secretariat: The Rallos’ Workforce

Since its inception, the United Architects of the Philippines has been a distinctive intellectual and professional community, and the values that underpinned its establishment have been an important guide since that time. Part of its progress and milestones, the UAP National Secretariat is said to be the indispensable in all UAP operations. Composed of dedicated men and women who work for UAP twenty-four hours a day if necessary, the UAP administration, in the management of UAP affairs.

Every administration the UAP National Secretariat took every opportunity within its reach to convert its resources and capacities into very positive factors of growth and development. The performance and accomplishments of the National Secretariat are the results of its painstaking efforts towards attaining higher level of performance in governance in line with the thrust of every administration. The forbearance, guidance, support, directions and understanding of the UAP National officers have paid off well. 

The Creation of 3 Departments. During the Fiscal Year 2014-2015, three departments were created within the UAP National Secretariat, namely, the Administration Department, Membership Care Department and Finance Department. The first two departments were under the direct supervision of the Office of the Secretary General while the Finance Department is under the watch of the Office of the National Treasurer.

The Administration Department. Headed by the Administrative Manager, the Administration Department is in charged with a wide variety of duties specifically by providing administrative support and assistance to the officers and members through the following services: General Administrative and Support Services, UAP headquarters operations, Human Resources, Records Management Services, Information Technology, Liaison Services, Housekeeping and Janitorial Services, Repairs and Maintenance, Library and Archiving Services, Asset Acquisition and Management Services, and Coordination services with the Execom and NBD. The Administration Department endeavors to ensure overall management of the Administrative department, ensuring policies and procedures are followed and compliant to the requirements of the Organization, assist in the identification of the needs of the Office building, coordinating with respective Committee and providing suggestions and feasibility report for the improvement of the different offices, and formulate policies and procedures and provide strategic guidance, direction and support in three broad management areas: Human Resources, Central Support Services and Finance, Archives and UAP Facilities management.

The Membership Care Department. The Membership Care Department headed by the MCD Manager is in charge of all matters pertaining to membership, coordination to chapters, districts and areas, support to all standing commissions and committees, including processing of applications, maintenance of UAP membership database system, support in all administrative requirements of the areas, districts and chapters. The Membership Care Department is also tasked to apply critical analysis and exceptional communication in all activities of the day to day UAP operations on Membership growth targets, maintain high service standards within the department, anticipating any new requests and proposals and meeting the expectations of the members, research and provide suggestions on the improvement of the status of the members and provide proactive approach in developing new ideas for the members, set strategic objectives to ensure that the membership status remain up to date and at par with practices outside of the organization and coordinate and help implement plans and programs of the different commission and committees through the Office of the National President and the Office of the National Executive Vice President towards membership in general.

The Finance Department. Headed by the Finance Manager, the Finance Department carries out activities in support of the financial and budgetary operations of the organization as a whole. These include: Establishment and application of budgetary and accounting policies and procedures, financial management of all resources of the UAP, Accounting, reporting and financial operations, treasury and financial information operations. The Finance Department also takes the initiative in researching and benchmarking new practices in Finance, including but not limited to system and process improvement, assists in the creation of budget and coordination with both Internal and External Auditors, and assists the National Treasurer in the creation of Financial Policy ensuring all policies comply with the labor requirements, accepted principles and needs of the organization.

The National Secretariat appreciates the fact that it exist to serve the officers and members of the UAP and its stakeholders, and strives to sincerely offer the highest quality of service. The UAP National Secretariat recognizes that the officers and members of the organization have a right to the best service.

Beyond the admirable facts and figures you will see every year throughout the National President’s Report, there is also a sense of spirit that can be measured only in terms of passion and dedication by the men and women behind the accomplishments of every administration -- - the UAP National Secretariat who is continuously inspired and encouraged to explore new possibilities and work collaboratively toward greater results of every Fiscal Year.


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