National Headquarters




             “A fulfilled experience… just to see the logo there and the building.”

                                                 - Arch. Yolanda David-Reyes, FUAP, LIKHA; 14th UAP National President

            “I feel that this is a perfect example of unity and continuity.”

                                                - Arch. Prosperidad C. Luis, FUAP, LIKHA;  15th  UAP National President


The UAP: A Prime Professional Organization of Architects

The United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) is the first duly accredited organization of Architects in the country. It was founded in 1975 after the union  of the League of Philippines Architects (LPA), the Philippine Institute of Architects (PIA), and the Association of Philippine Government Architects (APGA). By virtue of the passage of Republic Act No. 9266, UAP was accredited by the Professional Regulation Commission as the Integrated and Accredited Professional Organization of Architects (IAPOA).

The UAP has more than 15,000 members in good standing; its leaders are among the best and the most prominent Architects in the land, led by twenty five (25) UAP National Presidents:

  1. Arch. Norberto M. Nuke, FUAP, LIKHA, APEC Architect, AA
  2. Arch Jose V. Herrera, FUAP+
  3. Arch. Ruperto C. Gaite, FUAP+
  4. Arch. Felipe M. Mendoza, FUAP, LIKHA+
  5. Arch. Otilio A. Arellano, FUAP+
  6. Arch. Leandro V. Locsin, FUAP, LIKHA, National Artist+
  7. Arch. Manuel T. Mañosa, FUAP, LIKHA, APEC Architect
  8. Arch. Cesar V. Canchela, FUAP, LIKHA, APEC Architect+
  9. Arch. Froilan L. Hong, FUAP, LIKHA, APEC Architect
  10. Arch. Angel L. Lazaro, FUAP, LIKHA, APEC Architect
  11. Arch. Richeto C. Alcordo, FUAP
  12. Arch. Manuel C. Marquez, FUAP
  13. Arch. Nestor S. Mangio, FUAP, APEC Architect
  14. Arch. Emmanuel  P. Cuntapay, FUAP
  15. Arch. Yolanda David-Reyes, FUAP, LIKHA, APEC Architect, AA
  16. Arch. Prosperidad C. Luis, FUAP, LIKHA, APEC Architect, AA
  17. Arch. Robert S. Sac, FUAP, AA
  18. Arch. Enrique O. Olonan, FUAP
  19. Arch. Edric Marco C. Florentino, FUAP, APEC Architect, AA
  20. Arch. Medeliano T. Roldan, Jr., FUAP
  21. Arch. Ana S. Mangalino-Ling, FUAP, APEC Architect, AA
  22. Arch. Ramon S. Mendoza, FUAP, AA
  23. Arch. Rozanno C. Rosal, FUAP, AA
  24. Arch. Maria Benita O. Regala, FUAP, AA
  25. Arch. Guillermo H. Hisancha, FUAP, APEC Architect, AA, DFRIA


Dreaming a National Headquarters Building

Since its inception, the UAP had always dreamed of building itself a permanent home. For the past years, the organization had known rented temporary offices at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, at the Corporate House in Quezon City, and in the Folk Arts Theatre in CCP Complex.

In 1993 with the 11th UAP National President Arch. Jaime Marquez,  the UAP purchased two (2) units at Marbella Condominium in Roxas Boulevard and inaugurated them in 1994 as their permanent headquarters and still, the need to build the National Headquarters for its nationwide membership were aimed.

13th UAP National President Arch. Emmanuel  P. Cuntapay said that “the bastion of strength of an organization like UAP is,  that organization must have its own headquarters… to shelter its members and when  the building is completed, it will show the strength of UAP.”

After buying the condominium units in Marbella, Architect Marquez and his national board began to raise funds for the future UAP building.

Architect Jaime Marquez noted that “after the convention in 1994, we generated funds earmarked  for the headquarters and that was the start of the funding of the UAP National Headquarters.”

When Arch. Nestor S.Mangio took over the UAP leadership as its 12th National President,  he setup building funds which he augmented to an effective prudent physical management. “My contribution to this headquarter started when I was the UAP National President in Fiscal Years 1994 -1996, and it was a dream, a vision, a frustration at that time to come up a UAP National headquarters, and after I served for two (2) years, I was be able to leave in of about P8, 000,000.00 which we earmarked for UAP Headquarters. And from there on the succeeding presidents speak up and they were able to buy and realize this magnificent building for the UAP”.

Under the term of the 13th National President Arch. Emmanuel P.Cuntapay, the 23rd National Convention Organizing Committee led by Arch. Jose Siao Ling embarked on a project  to purchase a property for the UAP National Headquarters, and finally in 1997, through the sheer determination of its leaders and members, and the help of its corporate partners and friends, the UAP was able to purchase a prime property at south triangle in Quezon City – a 690 square meter lot with address at 53 Scout Rallos Street, Barangay Laging Handa,  Diliman, Quezon City.

Architect Siao Ling, Chairman for Implementation and Resources of the Task Force on UAP Headquarters informed that “actually, the lot purchase has been acquired by the 23rd National Convention that is on 1997 and I am the chairman and the director of the convention, and I set a group of architects which they call it a 14k and the most of them came from the Metro Chapter. We invited about 54 companies to help us to purchase a lot and aside from that committee, since I was the chairman of the convention, we also generate about Php 8,000,000.00. So in that year alone we had about Php 24,900,000.00 which gave us this property during the time of Arch. Manny Cuntapay.

Immediately after acquiring the property, the UAP constituted the Special National Headquarters Committee made up of Arch. Geronimo Manahan,  Arch. Norberto M. Nuke, Arch. Ruperto C. Gaite, and Arch. Felipe Mendoza,  under the co-chairmanship of Arch. Jose Siao Ling and Arch. Nestor Mangio. As National President, Arch. Emmanuel Cuntapay became the honorary chairman of the committee.

When Arch. Yolanda David-Reyes took over as the 14th National President, she created the Task Force UAP Headquarters whose task is to lead the construction and the implementation of the National Headquarters.

Arch. Wilson Y. Sioco was appointed as the Chairman of the Committee. “Maraming nagda-doubt kung kaya matapos ‘to o hindi, kaya lagi kong sinasabi sa kanila na kaya, kaya namin ‘to dahil yan ang motto ko sa buhay, lahat puwede – If there is a will, there is a way.”, Architect Sioco emphasized.


Design Competition Entries for the UAP National HQ Building

In 1997 a Design Competition for the future UAP Headquarters was launched by the committee.

Arch. Teofilo I. Vazquez’s concept of an entry executed along simple lines of less spilled was proclaimed by a discerning jury of fellow architects has been designed and embodied a character, entity and aspiration of the UAP.

Arch. Yolanda David-Reyes said, “so immediately after my assumption as a National President of UAP, we came up with a Design Competition of the building and so that went on to the first term in 1998 and Arch. Topi Vazquez, UAP was awarded the design of the UAP building and after that we started the construction and that went on my second term.

The Ground Breaking of the construction site was held on December 24, 1998. UAP invited Congressman Dante V. Liban of the Second District of Quezon City, as the special guest of the event. Excavation and construction of 2 ½ basement started on May of 1999. It was undertaken by  Monolith Construction and Development Corporation for P1,500,000.00, and it was completed on July at the same year. The construction of the civil works began on October 1999.

The first Concrete Pouring was held on October 30, 1999. It was attended by the members of UAP main pillars, the LPA, PIA, and APGA. The UAP awarded the contract to Monolith Construction and Development Corporation for  P 24,500,000.00. Electrical works were undertaken by RGB Technical Services while the plumbing works came from FM Garcia Engineering and AA Steel Tech.

The first Memorandum of Agreement was signed by Arch. Yolanda David-Reyes on January 2000 which generated an amount of approximately P 3,600,000.00 in terms of free labor and materials. Support came from Sinclair, Moldex, Neltex and Prescon Philippines.

Coinciding the Silver anniversary celebration of the UAP during its 26th National Convention, the Topping-off Ceremony was held at the roof top of the construction site on April 9, 2000.

The Second Memorandum of Agreement was signed on May of 2000 which resulted to another set of suppliers who pledged on labor and materials amounting to approximately P1,280,000.00. Among the suppliers were: Columbia Wires, Filipinas Shutters.Inc, Husky Plastic Corporation, and Philflex.

In the time of 1 ½ years, the Finishing Works was awarded on February 2001 to New City Builders for P5,500,000.00; masonry works commenced on March 2001.

The third Memorandum of Agreement was signed April 20, 2001 by Arch. Prosperidad C. Luis, who took the helm as the 15th UAP  National President. Suppliers pledged  free labor and materials amounting to approximately P 3,960,000.00, among the general suppliers were: Avesco Marketing, Boysen Paints Philippines, Davoes Paints Philippines, Doormat, D’square, Felport International Marketing, G.S. Go, Hamburg International, Hausville Builders, Kent Vinyl, Mariwasa, Megasystem, and World Chem Marketing.

The fourth Memorandum of Agreement was signed on August 2001 with another batch of suppliers that provided labor and materials amounting to Php 2,560,000.00. The suppliers included Europa, Eurotiles, Jebsen, Switchgear, and Unity Express.

With the generous pouring of much needed help from the friends in the construction industry, the construction of the UAP building continue until the year 2002.

Arch. Jose Siao Ling said “Actually I could say that this is already finished the exterior, but interior since we are still setting the usage of the rest of the floors, we are now using the 5th floor only. So the rest of the floors are still under a study whether we are going to make it an executive club like a master builder, actually, we had initials. The Ground Floor will be a construction gallery like an exhibit hall that is more computerized like ATM, and then the mezzanine, that we have the UAP Archives where we put the documents and history of UAP; and on the second floor is the business center where we have among the two (2) executive offices, two (2) conference room, 8 to 14 capacity meeting room; On the third and fourth floor are for lease, so now we are planning to provide an executive floor for architects and engineers so we’re still in the process; and fifth floor obviously, this is our headquarters lounge, we have several offices, meeting rooms, president’s office, and secretariat; sixth floor again is an another lease floor for offices and I think this will also be included as an executive floor; the seventh floor is an auditorium or a multi-purpose area and that is the original plan.”

To settle the financial obligations incurred during the construction of the Building, Arch. Robert S. Sac who took the helm as the 16th UAP National President endeavored to allot big portion of his administrative budget to the building. With the support from UAP Manila Metro Chapter, UAP Quezon City Chapters and other chapters in Metro Manila and provinces, the fund raising initiatives during Architect Sac’s term were successful, including the Marbella Condominium Raffle and the institutionalization of Annual Golf Cup Tournament in partnership with the Architects Golf Club. Also during the term of Architect Sac when the UAP Foundation was founded and incorporated at the Securities and Exchange Commission on July 23, 2003 which aims to support the UAP in the management and development of the UAP National Headquarters Building.

During the time of Arch. Enrique  O. Olonan as the 17th UAP National President when the Library and Archives at the Mezzanine Floor and the Cafeteria and Exhibit Arcade at the Ground were developed and constructed.

As part of the commitment of the UAP towards continuing professional development, the Professional Development Center was established at the Second Floor of the UAP National Headquarters Building during the administration of Arch. Edric Marco C. Florentino as the 18th UAP National President. Then Senator Aquilino Q. Pimentel, Jr., known as the Father of Architecture Act of 2004 graced the blessing and inauguration of the Center.

Under the term of Arch. Medeliano T. Roldan, Jr. as the 19th UAP National President, the UAP Auditorium at the Seventh Floor of the UAP National Headquarters Building was constructed. Known as "Teatro Arkitekto", the 200-seat auditorium features the  state-of-the-art audio and visual equipments designed to serve as a venue for numerous UAP educational, cultural, and social events. In Year 2008, Davies Paints Philippines offered to repaint the interior and exterior of the whole building.

When Arch. Ana S. Mangalino Ling served as 20th UAP National President, the National Administration Office at the Fifth Floor of the UAP National Headquarters Building was re-designed and redeveloped to create a perfect working zone and corporate service office for its National Officers and the UAP Secretariat. Committed to continue to promote the effective delivery of services to the membership through effective leadership and improved system at the National Secretariat, the Membership Center and Bulwagan Mayor at the Ground Floor was established to cater the basic requirements of UAP members.  

The term of Arch. Ramon S. Mendoza as the 21st UAP National President saw several developments at the UAP National Headquarters Building. First, the fourth floor was developed as an Architect’s Dormitory to cater to lodging needs of non-NCR and foreign based members, including the members of the National Board who instead of billeting them at hotels during regular NBD and Execom meetings have resulted to savings of more than half a million pesos a year; and the third floor for two important offices: the UAP Center for Career Development and the Architects Private Practice Center. The Center for Career Development intends to provide comprehensive preparatory courses integrated with construction tours that will surely prepare aspirants to the profession hurdle the board exams. On the other hand, the Architects Private Practice Center will provide a venue for small practitioners to hold office and conduct meetings with clients in a corporate and businesslike environment.

The UAP National Headquarters is now standing proudly along Scout Rallos. Product of unwavering commitment and dedication of its officers and members. A symbol of strength and unity among Filipino Architects.

The dream of the UAP became a reality. Soon, the National Headquarters will become a pride of every Filipino architect.