College of Fellows Members

The College of Fellows is an institution within UAP which is composed of all Regular Members who have been elevated to “Fellow” for having rendered notable and outstanding contributions to the Architecture profession, community and society as well as exceptional service to UAP. It shall primarily serve as a consultative group to the National Board. It shall reflect the epitome of the highest ideals of the profession and humanity.

Name Date Elevated Chapter Category
HERNANDEZ, HAYDYN S. April 2018 Manila Metro Architectural Practice: Private Practice
HERRERA, JOSE V. (+) December 1975
HISANCHA, GUILLERMO H. April 2005 Iloilo Public Service
HONG, FROILAN L. December 1983 QC Diliman
ILUSTRE, FEDERICO S. (+) December 1975
IMPERIAL, RANULFO S. April 2004 Legazpi Architectural Education: Teaching
INOCENCIO, TED VILLAMOR G. April 2004 Manila Sta. Mesa Architectural Education: Teaching
INOVERO, REYNALDO A. April 1997 Manila Maynilad
JAO, JAMES G. April 2013 Manila Atelier Architectural Practice: Private Practice
JASARENO, IRENEO P. April 2013 Rizal Cainta 101 Architectural Practice: Private Practice
JAVA, MELVA R. October 1988 Cebu
JIMENEZ, BENJAMIN T. April 2003 Manila Metro
JOVER, ROMEO H. (+) April 1998
JUESNA, GIL JR. V. April 2017 Negrense
JUGUILON, AURELIO T. (+) December 1978
JURILLA, FERNANDO L. October 1994 Manila Maharlika
KHO, JOENEL C. April 2011 Manila Metro Service to UAP
LAGUNAY, HERCULANO D. April 2002 Mount Apo Architectural Practice: Design Build
LAURENA, BERNARDO R. April 2005 Manila Archizonian Architectural Education: Teaching
LAYGO, BENEDICTO R. (+) December 1975
LAZARO, ANGEL JR. (+) October 1986
LEON, FELINO C.T. (+) October 1989
LIM, NIXON-TAN L. April 2014 Manila Metro
LIMPO, LETICIA S. April 1996 Makati
LING, ANA S. MANGALINO April 2000 Quezon City
LING, JOSE SIAO April 1996 Manila Metro
LISTON, NESTOR I. April 2013 Lapu-Lapu Architectural Practice: Private Practice
LITONJUA, EMMANUEL DAVID A. April 2009 QC Diliman Architectural Education: Teaching
LITONJUA-YAP, LUZ April 1995 Quezon City Architectural Education: Teaching
LOCSIN, LEANDRO V. (+) December 1975